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"This man is someone who truly cares about your child from his heart. I have not met many doctors or people like him. He is a God-Send. that is all I need to say. You meet him and make your own judgement...Cindy the head staff person is very nice, courteous, attentive, and makes every possible effort to accommodate any needs."


-Al V.


"Dr. Carl Guterman is an excellent pediatric ophthalmologist. He has taken care of all five of my children with great expertise and care. Two of my children have had complex eye issues and Dr. Guterman followed their care carefully and expertly. He is warm and kind and has a very helpful and friendly staff. He is one of those rare old-fashioned doctors that still gives his patients all the time that they need. I wish there were more pediatric specialists like Dr. Guterman."


-Tzippy R.


"Dr. Guterman is the best pediatric ophthalmologist in the tristate area! He is not only an excellent doctor but also super nice! He literally saved my son's eyesight before it was irreversible. And he always has the time and patience for each patient. I highly recommend Dr. Guterman!"

-Abigail F.


"Dr. Carl Guterman is AMAZING!
We went for an eye exam for my eight year old son. Our visit was great! The staff is welcoming and friendly. Dr. Guterman is fantastic with kids and he clearly knows his stuff! Very pleasant experience! We look forward to our next service. God bless!"

-Amy U.


"My daughter needed strabismus surgery at 6 months because her left eye muscles were too tight. As a result, she was compensating her vision by tilting her head. Dr. Guterman assessed the condition and operated on her. She is now 4 years old and has no vision problems!"

-Salome Y.


"I have been one of Dr. Guterman's patients for years, and it has been a privilege to develop a relationship with such a compassionate person. He is always thorough in his examinations and treats his patients with the utmost sensitivity and care. Dr. Guterman has gone out of his way for me, and I'm sure he would do the same for his other patients. When I was younger, I sustained a sports injury that left me with blurry and spotted vision. Fearing that my symptoms would worsen, I reached out to Dr. Guterman. He came into the office during his holiday to see me and address the concerns I was having. Afterwards, he continued to monitor and check in with me until my symptoms subsided. It felt really good knowing that Dr. Guterman wanted to see me heal and invested a lot of his time to help make that happen. I think everyone searches for doctors who they trust, and I have definitely found that in Dr. Guterman. If you're looking for a new ophthalmologist, I highly recommend going to his practice."

-Craig M.


"Would highly recommend Dr. Guterman!

 Dr. Guterman was kind, gentle, and explained everything clearly. He was patient with the children and very friendly. My child's fear of doctors was slightly diminished from this office visit. The office is well equipped for children, toys in waiting room kept the kids busy, and the secretary was extremely pleasant and welcoming."


-Blumi S.


"I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Guterman, who performed a probing on my son’s clogged tear duct this morning.
I was not at all the cool, calm, and collected parent a doc may hope for. Instead, I was overcome with fear and emotion and through every appointment before up until Today’s procedure - he was fantastic!


-Rachel K.


"Dr. Guterman is an excellent doctor and his diagnoses are careful and on target. He not only provided first rate medical care to my daughter but he did so with genuine concern for her condition. Dr Guterman cares about his patients, he treats them with patience and concern. He is not only a superb physician but a real mentch! Highest recommendation."

-Vivian S.


"My children have been patients of Dr. Guterman's for close to two decades and we have had only positive experiences. The children actually look forward to their visits. He takes the time to explain and answer all our questions. His curtious staff helps us schedule convenient appointments and follow ups. We recommend Dr. G. to all our friends in need of a caring and excellent pediatric opthamologist/surgeon."

-James P.


"My daughter was a patient of Dr. Guterman for years. His staff is friendly and great with children and his waiting room is totally f.u.n. Dr. Guterman himself was not only patient with my daughter, who at the time was about 4 years old, but he was with me as well. We had a million neurotic questions and he never talked down to us or treated us like morons. Believe me, I have been to specialists before, some are a**es. I highly recommend him for your family."

-Dee N.


"My daughter was a patient of Dr. Guterman. He is the most amazing Doctor I have ever been to. He is very dedicated to his patients and really cares about helping you get better. During my appointment, Dr. Guterman explained things to me and gave me time to ask him questions and he wasn't in a rush. I am so grateful to him for helping her get better. Doctor Guterman is the most caring Doctor in the world. I highly recommend him!"

-Tenisha R.

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