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Pediatric Experience

Welcome! From the minute you walk in the door, you and your child will feel the outstanding TLC that Dr. Guterman is well known for. Your child can begin to play in our playhouse while the receptionist greets you and checks you in. Arriving early for your child's exam is important in helping us run the office in a timely fashion.

Dr. Guterman begins the exam enthusiastically communicating to your child how much "fun" the exam will be. We will be looking at special toys, playing games, and having a good a time while providing top-notch medical care. The best way to successful examine a child is to put them at ease. Depending on the age of the child and the presenting complaint, the exam will be somewhat different. Younger children, of course, sit in their parent's lap. If the child is old enough, Dr. Guterman will have them read the eye chart. Otherwise, there are other methods we have to evaluate your child's vision in a successful and enjoyable way. Children of all ages will look forward to each time they get to return to visit Dr. Guterman. 

If necessary, the eyes will be dilated. To do this, Dr. Guterman will put drops in the eyes. He refers to this part of the exam as the "raindrop game." The prize for winning the game is the child's choice of stickers. The drops take 25 minutes to take effect, during which your child will have the opportunity to play. Dr. Guterman will then complete the exam and discuss the results with you, the parents. 

The Adult Experience

You might wonder when you walk into the waiting room, why you're in an office with lots of children running around. Chances are if you were referred to our office, that you have a condition called strabismus (a misalignment of the eyes), possibly giving you double vision. Most cases of strabismus start in childhood and the principles involved in treating strabismus are similar for adults and children. Therefore, pediatric ophthalmologists are the ones who treat adult strabismus. 

When you walk into the office, you will be checked in by our friendly office staff. We ask that you show up early to complete the check in process. Dr. Guterman will then perform an eye exam to determine the best way to treat your vision problems. 

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